Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 6u38 Binary Snapshot Releases

October 31, 2012

Build b04

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Please note:
This list offers files for different platforms - please be sure to select the proper file(s) for your platform. Carefully review the files listed below to select the ones you want, then click the link(s) to download.

If you choose to download and install self-extracting JRE Jar bundles then you need to change the file permission to be executable in the bin directory after the installation. See instructions below.

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Platforms JRE JDK
Windows Offline jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-windows-i586-31_oct_2012.exe,
16.20 MB (MD5 Checksum)
69.74 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Windows x64 self-extracting jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-windows-amd64-31_oct_2012.exe,
16.47 MB (MD5 Checksum)
59.81 MB (MD5 Checksum)
jar jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-windows-amd64-31_oct_2012.jar,
37.22 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Solaris SPARC
Note: Solaris 64-bit requires users to first install the 32-bit version.
32-bit jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-solaris-sparc-31_oct_2012.jar,
36.62 MB (MD5 Checksum),
73.36 MB (MD5 Checksum)
64-bit jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-solaris-sparcv9-31_oct_2012.jar,
11.10 MB (MD5 Checksum),
12.13 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Solaris x86 self-extracting jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-solaris-i586-31_oct_2012.jar,
31.68 MB (MD5 Checksum),
68.36 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Solaris x64
Note: Solaris x64 requires users to first install the Solaris x86 version.
self-extracting jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-solaris-amd64-31_oct_2012.jar,
7.44 MB (MD5 Checksum),
8.45 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Linux self-extracting jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-linux-i586-31_oct_2012.jar,
32.03 MB (MD5 Checksum)
68.45 MB (MD5 Checksum)
RPM   jdk-6u38-ea-bin-b04-linux-i586-31_oct_2012-rpm.bin,
65.43 MB (MD5 Checksum)
Linux x64 self-extracting jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-linux-amd64-31_oct_2012.bin,
20.33 MB (MD5 Checksum)
68.72 MB (MD5 Checksum)
RPM jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-linux-amd64-31_oct_2012-rpm.bin,
19.75 MB (MD5 Checksum)
65.66 MB (MD5 Checksum)
jar jre-6u38-ea-bin-b04-linux-amd64-31_oct_2012.jar,
30.77 MB (MD5 Checksum)

For JRE bundle:

 cd <INSTALL_DIR>/jre1.6.0_38/bin
 chmod +x *

International Use Restrictions
Due to limited intellectual property protection and enforcement in certain countries, the JDK source code may only be distributed to an authorized list of countries. You will not be able to access the source code if you are downloading from a country that is not on this list. We are continuously reviewing this list for addition of other countries.

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